Xbox Live Core services down 2020

Xbox Live Core Services Down – How To Track

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Xbox Live, earlier known as Xbox LIVE, is one of the most played online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service, that is created and operated by Microsoft.

First made available on 15th November 2002 to the Xbox system, an updated version of this was made available in November 2005 for the Xbox 360 console. Finally, an enhanced version of the same was released with the Xbox one in 2013.

What is the XBOX Live Core Services?

Xbox Live offers both free service as well as a subscription-based service. The free service is formerly known as Xbox Live Silver, and the subscription-based service was known as Xbox Live Gold. Most features, such as the ability to play games online with your friends and early access to specific demos are only provided for the Xbox Live gold subscribers.

The Xbox Live core offers the following services like Games for Windows LIVE, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Xbox 360 console,, and finally, Zune PC Client.

How do I check my Xbox Live core service?

To check the Xbox Live, open the Xbox Live Service Status page. This page will give the users information regarding the status of Xbox Live. This page will let you know if the service is down. It also allows you to know about the status of the account holder in Xbox Live, their Xbox Music or video, and more.

While checking, if you are having Xbox Live sign-in issues, most probably it is caused by service issues, from Microsoft. Either this or it is an issue caused by the local internet connection you are using.

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Usually, there are two types of such outages – system-wide. They are generally on a large scale and sometimes small-scale system outages specific to certain locations or users. The Xbox Live core Service outage comes in the former category.

How to check if Xbox Live Core Service is down?

When the Xbox Live core Service outage occurs, many players from the Xbox One and Microsoft servers start experiencing miscellaneous errors—for example, preventing the players from signing in into the game they choose to play. Sometimes, preventing them from playing the game online with and against other players on the internet, on their system.

It is worse if the game relies solely on online services, the player will encounter multifarious problems like while playing Red Dead Redemption 2, or Sea of Thieves. The Xbox Live core Service outage affected a lot of Xbox Live subscribers around the world.

Usually, with several complaints pouring from around the world, Microsoft is quick to acknowledge the issues. They then direct the problems to their engineering team and try and solve it as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, even though core services are down, the Xbox Live entertains us with other aspects. Examples can be purchasing content as well as accessing social features online are available online.

Unfortunately, Microsoft provides no estimated time as to when the players will be able to access the core services & get back online, and the only thing the Xbox live service subscribers do is to wait.

Latest News Regarding Xbox Live Core Services

Those who are very eager to get to know about the latest news regarding this can watch the updates regarding the status of the Xbox Live service in the Xbox Live Status page being managed by Microsoft. If there is a red ‘x’ next to the service, it indicates that Microsoft knows the problem and is attempting to resolve this issue as fast as possible.

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Unfortunately, since the issue is happening on the platforms’ side, the customer will not be able to attempt to reactivate it or reset the service from their side.

For live updates, the player can also check out the Xbox Live support page.

Immediate updates regarding all the issues known to Microsoft about the Xbox Live services will be available here. Also, checking their twitter account will fill the Xbox Live subscribers with live updates regarding what is going on and how Microsoft is handling the current service outage.

Hopefully, Xbox Live core services will be up in no time after every big outage. Unfortunately, it frustrates the players to no end, who was hoping to have a fun mid-afternoon gaming session. After all, it is not uncommon for online services to go down, be it Xbox Live or Play station.

Many times, there are planned outages for updates that are pulled by the service provider themselves. Gamers hope that these issues will appear less frequently once the internet infrastructure improves.

Unfortunately, at the same time, these outages raise notice on the critical issue of whether gaming is ready or not when it comes to an all-digital future.