Working PSN resolvers

Working PSN Resolver – Find IP or Username

Last Updated on November 16, 2021

The PSN resolver’s goal is to find the addresses of network gamers. It translates the address and changes it to a relevant gamer tag. Submit a username or gamertag to get the actual location and crucial information about the gamers, including their home locations.  

The new PS4 address resolver provides precise data. It uses internet scraper bots that collect information from certain users in order to connect certain credibilities. Sony does not permit anyone to access the database. The new PSN Resolver is legitimate and works on the Playstation, and the bots can trace any gamertag back to its original location. There are hundreds of identifying packets on the internet. The ARP spoofing technique may be used to sniff data packets as they transit across the network.  

There are several activities you can do with the PSN resolver, but the following are a few of the most notable features.


  • Features are available for the PSN resale market.
  • Locate the PSN Gamertag. The IP address can be rebooted.
  • Players can be kicked out of party discussions.
  • Take advantage of trade secrets online or in real time.  

A PSN resolver is a piece of software that can be deployed to resolve gamertags in gaming sessions and party discussions in real time. The Resolver is now available on the PSN. Xresolver and PCPS Search are two main online databases that you can use. The online resolver is popular since it is simple to use and easy to find.

All of the sniffers described above have been reviewed in many forums for ranking criteria, but below are some of the top leading tools.   Before entering other players’ data, check your region’s restrictions because some of the crucial data may become sensitive in the process. Adding Gamertag to uncover the player’s information is a quick way to integrate the PSN resolver tool.  

Try some of the most popular PSN Resolvers.

xResolver (created by Octolus Development)

xResolver is a website that allows you to resolve Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation Gamertags.  

The database of xResolver has over 20 million entries, and it is allowed to list public information on the online service. It is the users’ responsibility to defend themselves against such tools and threats by adhering to the specified regulations.  


It is not permitted to exploit Xresolver to negatively damage the user experience of a gaming platform. You can go to the blacklist and data removal forms to remove yourself from their database.  

The Microsoft forums have recently been bombarded with messages about the website, which allows nearly anybody to view a player’s gamertag.   Based on these facts, bad actors may perform distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, remove players from the game, or grant unfair advantages within a certain game.  

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Rainbow Six Siege are the most affected titles. The Xresolver explains how simple it is to obtain IP addresses; all you have to do is visit the website to resolve them.  

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PCPS Search (Created by Psycho Coding)

Lanc Remastered PCPS is Psycho Coding’s newest IP puller and IP grabber, designed to sniff data on your gaming console and resolve gamertags to IP addresses. It uses ARP spoofing and sniffing technologies to examine your network’s streaming data and detect peer-to-peer connections to pull IPs or gamertags from within your party or gaming session.  

PCPS Search

You may use their gamertag resolver instead of the IP puller if you don’t want to use the IP puller.   You can now unlock a gamertag resolver equivalent to Xresolver and PSN resolver with the latest LANC PCPS version. Only PCs and mobile phones can use the IP puller app. Simply download the APK file (only for Android devices) and sign in with your account to search for IP addresses and gamertags on PS4 and Xbox.  

The PSN resolver online is simple to use, and most users love it. Enter the gamertag into the query box and you’ll get the IP address right away.  

PS4 IP Puller Like Grabify

 Despite the fact that the PS4 has been designed to keep it out of the public view, there are several ways to uncover your intellectual property with the use of a few programs. Below are some of the most common techniques for determining someone’s PS4 address, as well as how to keep yourself secure throughout the process.  

This strategy involves some social engineering, as Grabify enables you to build a fake link in order to collect intellectual property.   In order to obtain the user’s address, you must convince them to click on the link.   They must go through your shortened URL.  

Go to Grabify’s website and paste your URL into the given field. You will be able to see who has clicked on your shortened URL.   You should share your private URL with the other person through PS4. You can find out if they clicked on your link by checking Grabify.  

It is not usually the most efficient technique of execution.  

PSN Resolver Unblocked

The Premium PSN-Resolver is available for free download and has several features to help with learning. This program can help you resolve the PSN or PS4 to ensure that you know your opponents. If you don’t like the basic PSN Resolver, there are three other programs that can help you with the issue.  

Monitoring and Sniffing Packets Using Wireshark

  If you have Internet connectivity, you can use an ethernet cable to connect your PS4 console to your PC. You can use broadband over a wireless network. Wireshark can analyze every packet of data that comes through your computer, so you don’t have to look at everything. This technique needs higher technical expertise and is not very user-friendly.