List of Scray Roblox Games of 2021

Scary Roblox Games To Play in 2021

Last Updated on March 23, 2021

Roblox is not the first choice of gamers when it comes to some horror-based games. However, that’s just a myth because Roblox is filled with exclusive horror games that can make almost everyone squeal with fear. From single-player to multiplayer games seating up to 20 people, Roblox has it all.

Roblox is an online gaming site, enabling players to play and create games with robux. Due to Roblox’s independence, many individual designers could demonstrate their creativity.

List Of Top Scary Roblox Games

With their Lego-based characters, Roblox games are lively. We have listed some of our top picks, do check them out for some fun and scary times. 

Alone in a Dark House 

Ok, this game’s title says a lot about it. However, since this is a multiplayer game, you’re not alone. So, feel free to play with a total of up to 20 players, which can help solve puzzles and make a terrifying leap! 

Alone in a Dark House

This game’s idea is that you are a private detective who has visited a small town to solve a car assassination. You learn some shocking secrets about the family that you examine when digging into this case. If you’re curious, giving it a try!

It Lurks 

Everything first seems normal, but when you go to sleep, your family is gone, and things are spooky! You tend to hear sounds, and you glance at the house usually. Things are fast going downhill, and different spooky things begin to happen in the building! 

It Lurks Horror game in roblox

Each chapter increases the element of terror, and it is not recommended that if you are not a fan of jump scares. It’s one player, so make sure you have the lights to keep the creepiness out! It’s one player!

Bear Alpha 

Bear Alpha is a survival game for ten players, in which one player has to chase and murder others. However, the survivors will strike back by using any weapons on the vast globe. The bear is quicker and heavier than the survivors, but the survivors can be brought down as a squad.

Before the Dawn: Redux

You may want to play this title if you’re a fan of games such as Piggy, Guesty, Spider, and everyone else. Redux is like these games before the sunrise, but it has a lot more to do. There are many free items and lots to collect and buy throughout the game.

Before the Dawn: Redux

You will also get skills, act as heroes and be the slasher to save innocent people. Although it looks somewhat similar to Piggy, the different cooldowns you will use, and the general environment are scarier. Sadly, this game’s player base is very small, so the only way you can play with friends is to save on the same server.

Light Bulb – Reillumination

This game style is entirely different because it takes you to a top-down angle that is very special about Roblox. You want to flee a labyrinth before you get stuck in the puzzle. In this game, there are some frightening jumpers, so be prepared to jump. 

Light Bulb - Reillumination

The atmosphere of this low-light game and the absence of someone is quite unsettling. The change of perspective and overall gameplay experience will make that one truly worth a shot!

Piggy Traitor Mode

Piggy Traitor Mode plays with a surprise like a game between us. The tractor is coupled with a pig operated by a computer. If a survivor is slaughtered, he becomes a swine, and the traitor succeeds as all the survivors are transformed.

Piggy Traitor Mode

A random player is selected as the traitor in this mode 1. After the Piggy bot is spread in the selected player and some traps are given, Piggy and the traitor will have to cooperate to kill anyone who has survived (note that the bot can also attack the Traitor).

Zombie Rush 

Combat the wave of zombies and access new arms as you move through the levels, or play as a zombie to complete the remaining survivors! Try to get your head to work quickly!

Zombie Rush

Zombie Rush puts players against unrelenting zombie hordes. However, Zombie Rush is more re-playable because it includes a complete leveling system and unlockable weapons.

The Apartment 

This game is very disturbing. It has one goal for you and only one goal: to meet your friend in room 705. The true mystery of the game lies in this room. It’s a long, slow climb; each floor involves something much more grueling than the last one, so all players begin on the first floor. 

It’s, of course, a sluggish construction with minor improvements on every floor, but the more you move, the more scarce the apartment is. You may wonder what end is worse for two ends to discover- good or bad. Are you ready for every seven floors to climb?

Dead Silence 

If players are looking for aggression and action like jailbreak, they need not look past the title of Roblox. Plays with their friends will enjoy the many modes of play provided by this game.

The final aim is to live until the finish. The game presents 15 jump scares and other obstacles to be solved by players.

Before the Dawn 2

This game can be played by players or by eight players alone. It has exciting gameplay and immersive sound effects. The game is very appreciated.

A survivor, hero, or slash, players can play. The hero will make use of his unique abilities to aid or stun an auricle. A slasher aims to destroy heroes and survivors.

Bottom Line 

The mentioned games are sure to rock you from within. The spooky effect gives great shots of real scenes, making you feel horrified throughout. If you are looking for a bit scary games to play, these are the ones. 

If you are a light-hearted person, it would be better to play in the daytime. That being said, these games should work for you if you like a friendly fright once in a while.