PayDay 2 Mods 2021

Top Payday 2 Mods For PC & Console

Last Updated on May 2, 2021

Payday 2 is a video game developed by Overkill Software that was published by 505 games. It is a first-person shooter video game. It was launched as a sequel to the trendy video game named Payday: The Heist.

Payday: The Heist was launched in 2011, while payday was launched in August 2013. Payday 2 is a cooperative video game. This game can be operated on various platforms like Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Crimewave Edition was a name given to Payday 2’s improved version.

This enhanced version was released for the audience of PlayStation 4 and Xbox one. Crimewave Edition came into play in June 2015. In 2018, Payday 2 was available even to the users of SteamOS and Linux. A separate version was even released for the Nintendo Switch. This version was launched in February 2018. 

With every new version of the game, Payday 2 became more popular with each passing day. It has a great graphical interface and experience. It also provides users with a variety of levels. Payday 2 has created new standards in the gaming area. 

The promotion of the game was even done through its web series. The game gained many profits. It gained a maximum number of its profits through pre-orders. Payday 3, a sequel, is under development and is supposed to get launched before the end of 2023 

PayDay 2 Mods That Works

As the game is updated, the Payday 2 mods, along with the tools are needed to be updated. The payday 2 game mods can be divided into two subgroups. These subgroups are: 

  • Clientside
  • Lua

Clientside mods

Clientside mods are preferable for online play and include sound and texture. These mods implement the modifications in the textures and the sounds of several objects, characters, and the environment of payday 2.

The alterations in texture and sound can be experienced by the mod users, although Overkill supports these mods unofficially. Also, with the help of clientside mods, you can load unpacked files from a special folder instead of archived files, making the use of mods easier. Some file types are restricted from loading to prevent viruses. 

Lua Mods

Lua mods are used to change the structure of the game. They are used to change additional information and small life changes. Additional information may include things like enemy health and damage, and small life changes may include things like being able to press a button.

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They affect the HUD mods from the complete game overhauls to bitter cheats. Balance and difficulty issues come under the game’s overhauls, while loot bag spawning comes under bitter or ill-natured cheats.

Lua mods use .dll or .so for Linux users. They use various files to inject, overwrite and append the code used by the game. All this is done simultaneously when the game is being played.

Although not all Lua mods are cheats. Always remember to take care while using it. Any carelessness here can result in a crash of your game, or you could face several unnecessary glitches. 

Lua mods involve the following types of mods:

  1. HoxHud
  2. PocoHud
  3. WolfHUD
  4. GoonMod

(i) HoxHud: 

HoxHud is a mod that provides you with various methods to enhance your heads-up display, that is, HUD. It is used for the PC version of Payday 2. It adds additional information to your computer screen. For example, it adds time remaining drills and information about enemy health. 

HoxHud comprises general HUD changes. HoxHud is a HUD that is available only in the online mode. This means whenever you want to use HoxHud; you need to stay present in the HoxHud Steam group.

It helps in your mission by displaying all the necessary and additional information on your screen. It lets you know your status of objectives and the elements of the mission that are identifiable. Through the HoxHud mod, you can easily see your difficulty and job status.

This mod also improves your planning screen with the option of buying all the available assets. It also displays additional information about your equipment. It shows all the details of the enemy, along with the enemy’s health. It also indicates the status of combat skill bonuses. 

(ii) PocoHud: 

The Payday 2 mod that enhances the HUD with more details in the same way as Hoxhud but does not have all features as Hoxhud. The mod has its custom set of elements like the buff icons like RPG, chat alerts of the in-game events, accuracy about weapon and health readouts, indication of damage taken by hits which fade in colors of health/armor when coming closer to zero. 

Pocohud has unique menus which facilitate the adjustment of HUD settings. It can work easily with Hoxhud, and the players can customize the style of a preferable mod or disable the conflicting features through the configuration menu. 

(iii) WolfHud: 

This is one of the best mods to get for the best gameplay experience of payday 2. It is similar to Pocohud and Hoxhud, but also it is the combination of several mods altogether.

It gives you many modifications for the default user interface of the game. It provides the features like assault indicators, energy bars, damage indicators as a popup, map details like the guards, civilians, and package encounters.

(iv) Goon Mod: 

This game mod is the best option for veteran players. It has many adaptable collections of features that make the gameplay more interesting than the original version.

The feature Mutator is a fantastic feature of this mod as it performs certain actions like dropping the guns of the enforcers, replacing the enemies with tasers. After enabling the mutators, they impair the player unlocks, achievements, and progress to provide a better gaming experience to the players.

Another cool feature allows the trade of items with other players having a goon mod known as the ‘cargo‘ system.