10 Rare skins of Fortnite

Top Rarest Skins In Fortnite [ 2021 List]

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Fortnite is one of the best survival games and also action-packed. These games help the player to think strategically throughout the combat. While winning this game is very important for the player to defeat all other players on the battlefield, different other elements make this game more interesting.

The graphics of this game is just so good that it teases the gamer at its best. One of the game’s fantastic elements is the skin/ costume, which can be bought and used while playing. There’s just a little collection of skins, and as the selection time is less, the player has to select the skin, which is worth snapping.

The below list includes the rarest skins in the Fortnite, less than 0.001% player base have them. Some detailed information about the availability and the sale is mentioned below.

Top 10 Rare skins in Fortnite:


Havoc is one of the legendary Fortnite skins, and also it has become quite rare. This skin was released first via Twitch Prime promotion in season 3, Although this skin might never come back. And along with this, there was another epic skin released, of a sub commander.


Havoc skin is clean skin, and it shares a lot of similarities with the Raptors outfit. This skin can usually be bought through promotions, as this is one of the rarest and legendary skins of Fortnite.

There are also some gears gifted to the buyer along with the skin, to get matched and best looks. There’s a black military outfit with a matching pair of boots and a scarf. Only limited people bought this skin when it was launched, and King Richards Loot was one of them. And there aren’t any players using this skin.

Sparkle Specialist

Launched in season 2, sparkle specialist is a disco-themed skin. The date of release of the sparkle specialist was 14 December 2017.

Although many of the Fortnite players are in search of this skin, which is incredibly rare and currently none of the players is seen using this. The cost of this skin is 2000 V bucks, that’s around $20.

Sparkle specialist

The last availability of this skin was via season 2 of the battle pass. This outfit of Fortnite features a dark blue tank top along with a grey pant, along with violet gloves and a pair of boots.

Also, there are five cosmetics with the outfit. One can get this skin. To get this skin, the player needs to go back in season 2 and reach tier-level 56. Only a few players were able to buy this skin at the launch.


Krampus was a Christmas themed outfit, and also a legendary outfit. This skin is very teasing because of its demon-like features. The use of the skin alters the player’s overall appearance, and the gameplay is not affected.


This outfit transforms the player into a half-demon and a half-goat humanoid, with a Christmas-themed winter robe.

Also, there’s a blue chain, markings, and thorns all over the body, the goat is on the lower part. The purple eyes and the devilish blue tongue makes the look more attractive.

This skin is based on a demon of popular folklore, who works in contrast to Santa Claus. This outfit can be bought for 2,000 V bucks. The skin was released in December 2018 at the item shop, and after that, it wasn’t available.

It’s expected that this skin can come back in a year, but again, no one is sure!

Black Knight

Black Knight was last seen in 2018, and after that, it’s nowhere available. This skin was available in season 2, and it can be unlocked at tier 70.

Black Knight

This skin holds a special place in every Fortnite player because this is the final skin of season 2, and it can only be earned there.

This skin gained maximum popularity at the release, and every player was crazy about it, although it isn’t available now, some of the players have this rare skin who have been playing this game for a long time.

This skin has a clean texture, and the black sheet looks more elegant. The cost of this costume is 950 V Bucks.

Purple Skull Trooper

Purple skull trooper was first released in Halloween of 2017, and then it came back in 2018. In 2017, this skin was available for 1200 V Bucks, but in 2018 the cost was raised to 1500 V Bucks, and different variants were released altogether.

Purple Skull Trooper

Being a limited edition skin, purple skull trooper looks very different and unique from others.

As this trooper was released in Halloween, the features of this costume can be a better choice for a Halloween party. The skin features a military outfit with a purple skull.

The outfit has prints of skeletons, and it’s a part of a skull squad set. It’s perfect skin, and it’s seen occasionally on some older players of Fortnite. This skin was viewed 19 times in the shop, as there are more two styles of this skin.

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CodeName ELF

It’s one of the rarest outfits of Fortnite, and not yet in rotation. This skin was launched in the holidays of 2018, and the cost was 1,200 V Bucks. As released in holidays, this skin is best to suit for cheering up the victory royales.

CodeName ELF

This skin is a festive type, featuring a green suit and yellow pants. Also, there’s a white knitted scarf with a pointy green hat. A pair of gloves is also provided to match the look.

When in rotation, this costume can be purchased from the cash shop, but there are least chances of this costume coming again. The skin was last available on 31 January 2018 and was first seen on 17 December 2017. Overall this skin was available in the shop ten times.

Pink Ghoul Trooper

This skin was released back in 2017 and was available for a while on 28 November 2019. The chances of this skin coming back are very rare. Just a few players got this pink ghoul trooper in those days, and now only a few of them have it.

Pink Ghoul Trooper

This outfit changes the player’s appearance into a pink ghoul, and all the other cosmetics give more decent effects. The cost of this skin was 1600 V Bucks.

As this skin was released in the Halloween of 2017, this skin is called ‘Fortnightmares, ‘ by Fortnite players. This skin came in rotation for about 13 times.

Renegade Raider

Renegade Raider was released back in October of 2017, and it’s one of the rarest skin in Fortnite. This skin was available in season 1 only after the player unlocks level 20. Just some players bought this skin for 1200 V Bucks from the season shop, and now it’s hardly seen.

Renegade Raider

Renegade raider is one of the parts of the storm scavengers. All the players are still in search of this skin, as it looks very teasing and popular. This outfit got a new checkered version, but the older one is yet in demand.

Aerial Assault Trooper

The aerial assault came in the year 2017, and it’s not available yet now. This skin is one of the names of male battle outfits for the Fortnite game: BR.

Aerial Assault Trooper

The overall theme / costume features a dark green camouflaged military suit along with a black paratrooper helmet and an orange decal. Aerial assault is not a part of any set.

To get this skin, the player has to purchase it from the season 1 shop and should unlock the level 15. It has to be bought by paying 1200 V Bucks.

Recon Expert

This skin is not so attractive but a bit rare. Although it can be found in random rotations, it wasn’t seen for a long time. This skin was seen in the early levels of Fortnite, and the cost was 1200 V Bucks.

Recon Expert

Recon expert is a soldier themed outfit, and it gives a decent look to the player. There is a grey colored hat and pants with a white tank top. The combination of the skin is a bit weird, and it gives an aggressive look.

There is also a greyish green star decor used in the skin. This skin was last available on 12 November 2017 and was first seen on 30 October 2017. In all this skin came in the shop three times, and might be seen in the future!

Final Words

While most of the skins can’t be bought, as it was from the earliest stage of Fortnite, but these rarest skins are in demand. All these lists not only show how old the Fortnite game is, but also shows how players are mad for getting all these rare skins for their game.

It’s always delightful to look at these abandoned and highly-sought-after skins. No doubt that the Skin design has come a long way since last year, and no one can compare one Fortnite skin to another and state which one is best, because every surface is unique.