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Best COD Mobile Loadout To Use

Last Updated on November 22, 2020

There are a lot of different features that COD Mobile offers, and due to that, there isn’t a perfect loadout or strategy that applies to each game. Different sets of skills and weapons are needed in each game mode or map.

In this guide, we will let you view the best COD Mobile loadout and best weapons, operating skills, and scorestreaks. These loadouts can be customized and can be modified relating to your preferences.

The load-outs of the latest released COD Mobile is the same as the previous releases of the franchise that we’re already familiar with and love. Even though the game has only been released for less than two weeks or so, there are a lot of COD lovers from across the globe that have used the theory craft of social media platforms to harvest bananas out of the load-outs.

If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to play the game yet, the load-out is generally your gear setup for each different mode. The two methods are battle royale and multiplayer mode.

How to Create the Best Loadout In COD Mobile

COD Mobile has a lot of features that come up with a lot of different types of weapon sets and abilities to pick from like no one loadout can beat out the whole team of enemies. Rather, you have to pick stuff that’s helpful to both you and your team members on fitting your type of gaming style.

If you possess a rifle for assault attacks, for example, and you are a trigger-happy player, you might want to pick an option for extended magazines compared to magazines that are fast-draw. Otherwise, players that are going for stealth mode should use a suppressor equipped on their weapons, while aggressive players should not do so, and it comes with penalty damage.

Snipers also should not use skills for an operator like a Purifier flamethrower that needs you to be close to your victims. Still, again, you should have a pistol that is usable for situations that are required for emergencies.

Next, we have put together an ideal class, and it is excellent for learning new skills that can be gained within a few play hours. Over some time, you can switch things in and out to fit your battle style.

Main Strategy Tactics

  • Main weapon: M4 that has holographic sight, foregrip, laser sight and extended magazines.
  • Supplementary weapon: MW11 with a unique suppressor and extended magazine.
  • Operator Skills like War Machine Skills.
  • Lethal or Tactical methods. The latter will help get rid of stray grenades and projectiles that are not needed.
  • The 3 perks are: Recover fast, vulture, and dead silence.
  • Scorestreaks: UAV, Predator Missile etc, care pack.

This load-out is mostly well-balanced and tailored for aggressive players. It is also great for people that play all alone. With certain perks like Fast Recover and Vulture, you can survive when you are away from the teammates and have plenty of ammunition to spare, with the extended mag on your primary weapons that will give you sufficient firepower to take out more than one enemy before you reload ammunition.

The Sniper

These hitters are hard-core. They are the ones with the best accuracy on the whole team since each bullet has to count.
The primary weapon is called the DL Q33. The rest will take some time to get, and it is as outstanding as it looks.

  • Attachments: Not using any Optic, using FMJ-SR for penetrating, Fast Mag to cut down loading time, Stock to make movement speed faster when aiming.
  • Supplementary Weapons: The knife. The primary weapon will take care of a long-range weapon, and this weapon will give you the advantage in close quarters.
  • Operator skill is the War Machine.
  • Lethal or Tactical Method: The latter will fence off any grenades that are stray and unwanted projectiles.
  • Perks: Agile for accuracy and for Ranked, use the Dead Silence.

Best COD Mobile Loadout QQ9 Class

To make it clear that you are in control of the game, you might want to achieve headshots. Your best shot would be a quick headshot to wipe out an enemy off the server.

QQ9 Loadout

Therefore, you will require attachments that will make your accuracy better and add in some range attacks as well. The famous Youtuber showed off some class when he got some attachments like the RTC and Foregrip weapons. Using these you’ll stay on the target.

You can also try for the Long Shot perk, but the weapon QQ9 is not a sniper rifle so that it might be a waste for individual players. The 45 round extension magazines are also great, so you do not have to go too long without making a reload.

The best muzzle is the Muzzle from RTC. However, the best barrel is the RTC barrel, and the best Stock is the MIP stock. For using the Stock, MIP strike is the best one. For using an Underbarrel weapon, use Strike. Lastly, for ammunition, use 45 round ext. Mags.

Best Scorestreaks

The best scorestreaks depend on everyone’s personal taste. If you want to kill off a lot, you need as much data as possible. However, I feel that the UAV, Counter UAV and the Sentry Gun.

UAV: Mark down the enemies on the mini-map. Use this map well, and you will be able to find out where your enemies lay. Make sure that you do not waste up your UAV and use them when your teammates are using their UAV.

A counter UAV is used for your enemy UAVs. Use it all the time, so enemies cannot track you down.

Sentry Gun: A good weapon that can withhold corridors and watch your own back while you are doing some sniping activity. It is a great weapon that is also camper-friendly, and you can use it to distract enemies or drop the whole thing for a kill of revenge if you are completely outnumbered.

The whole War Machine thing is also a good pick, but any of these skills are also pretty sound.

Best Perks

The perks that are the best depends on your playing style, but some of these perks are quite amazing. Here is a shortlist of the perks that I have found out that are rather useful.

  • For toughness: Flinch when shooting. You can shoot back and survive better.
  • For vulture: Get ammo from players that die. It is a tremendously useful tip.
  • For dead silence: The footsteps that come from you do not appear on the mini-map. On a high-level ranking playtime, using sound management is also rather crucial.
  • For being a ghost: Invisible to the opponent’s UAV. If you are planning or going for a run and taking a gun, do not use Counter UAVs, this is another alternative solution.
  • Lightweight: Move fast all the time. Not just sprinting all the way – which is also a great thing to use if you are always using SMG.

The Rush B Design

If other people are CS fans, there might be odds that you have met some users that like to rush through the sites without thinking twice. It is not a bad idea, but it is also an excellent suicidal idea. Since the odds of getting proper self-defence is low, at best. If you are one of those people that like to lay fast and recklessly, then this setup is the best for you.

  • Primary Weapon: Chicom or using the AKS74-U. If you can, go for the other option. It might deal less damage than the short AK, but it is more accurate, mobile and has more firepower.
  • Attachments: Stock, Extended Mag, etc
  • Supplementary Weapon: Run circles around them.
  • Operator Skill: Scythe.
  • Tactical or Deadly Style: Using the grenades like Frag or Smoke.
  • Perks: Hardline, Agile and Ghost.

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Well-Rounded Assault

It is a type of default configuration. You can change the primary weapon for another weapon like the AK-47 if you want a more extreme version, but you have to make sure that you can aim adequately to match the weapon.

  • Primary Weapon: M16 is the best weapon, but the M4 weapon and AK-47 is also one of the best weapons that you can use.
  • Attachments: Red Dot or Tactical Attachment, Stock and Quickdraw.
  • Supplementary Weapon: Since you will see more shootouts and less killing, MW11 is most likely a better option. It also depends on what you opt for, but more often, changing to a weapon like a pistol can save your skin.
  • Operator Skills: You are advised to organize this with your teammates or you can go for a War Machine or a Purifier.
  • Using Deadly or Tactical Style: Use grenades. Most people can handle smoke, but don’t be scared of a flashbang. It will save lives when you are cornered by enemies everywhere.
  • Perks: For getting better aims, go for Agile or Scavenger mode.