Earn Money in Cyberpunk 2077

How To Get Unlimited Money In Cyberpunk 2077

Last Updated on January 25, 2021

Earning free money in cyberpunk2077 is not that easy as you think. Cyberpunk 2077 is an action plus adventure video game developed and published by the CD Projekt. The game is based in the Night City of the Cyberpunk universe. It was first released on 10th December 2020 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Stadia. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S version are supposed to get available in 2021. 


V is going after a unique implant that opens the door to immortality. In gaining immortality, you are faced with many people you have to take down, including corporate security, the police force, and other gangs. By doing so, you get better access to jobs through the street cred that you gained.

The money you earned here can be used to buy various luxuries such as cars, bikes, and appalling clothing. You can even purchase weapons for your journey from this money. You can purchase the weapons of three types- Power (standard), Tech, and Smart.

The journey through the Night City is what appeals to the eyes of the viewer. The game provides it all by exploring warzones and raiding havens to making deals with shady dealers and rebelling with the tech world. Remember to make wise choices in this city because your preferences define your story and your future in the game. 

Making the right choice is very important for money, not only in your real life but also in virtual life. You can earn money in this game through jobs and then spend your hard-earned money on weapons, which are very useful to take down various forces against you.

The Night City is very vast, comprising six different regions. You will need to buy a vehicle to explore this entire city and get to your goal at some point in the game.

And to buy a car or bike, you will again need a handsome amount of money. As told earlier, you can earn money through your job, but what if it was told to you that you could even get an unlimited sum of money

Let’s take a look at how you can earn money and learn about Cyberpunk’s hacks and glitches to earn unlimited money! 

Ways to earn unlimited free money in Cyberpunk.

The game initially provides you with less amount of money. Further, you can complete missions and take up typical jobs, but if you are fascinated about having more eddies and want to get much more than you have. Follow all the steps below to become a rich dude in your game and enjoy the most of it!

1. Getting the free money on crafting items through the vending machine

When in the game, search for all the vending machines across the town for items having worth ten eddies, keep in mind to ignore the 5 euro ones. Once you get to know about all these machines in the city, every single item is present in the machine.

  • Collect and pick up all the items as they scatter on the ground once you have purchased them. Add every collected items to your inventory.
  • Go to the menu and get in the inventory, where you will find all the purchased items and then reassemble all items to get them in different categories.
  • Craft all the green colored items in the crafting menu and try to craft out as many as weapons you can, which also wins you crafting XP. It also results in getting unlimited XP in the game as you gain them with every new weapon you craft.
  • After you are all done with the weapons, go out in the city, find dealers or some drop stations where you can make money by selling these weapons.

In this way, if you collect as many soda cans, which will help you obtain as many weapons as selling will provide you with eddies in change.

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2. Free Money from the Space Oddity mission glitch

When you find the side job named space oddity at Santo Domingo, get the men by shooting them, then go for the laptop, and hack to find the body’s position to steal the access shard. Use the shard to get the coordinates of the Miletich agents having the painting.

As you get the painting, you need to look out for a nearby dropbox to sell it for 4,000 eddies. After selling the painting, this is not it, close down the window and link to dropbox and wait for the price to be five eddies and buy it. Again, follow the same buying and selling process to get the money till you are satisfied with the number of eddies.

3. Money from the fight with Sasquatch – The resurrecting method

This method comes into use when you reach the game’s main quest, that is, the quest named “I walk the line.” The quest takes you inside a mall to defeat your enemies. But for that, you will first have to take down their boss, Sasquatch. After you kill Sasquatch and receive your XP and Street Cred, grab her loot too.

Now save your game in a different slot and load it again. You will notice that you just resurrected Sasquatch. That’s not a big deal, kill her again and keep receiving the rewards. Kill, save, load, and repeat until you are pleased with your earnings.