Mario Kart Tour Tips

5 Amazing Tips For Mario Kart Tour

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Are you looking for tips and tricks of the Mario Kart Tour game to beat all competition?

As you know, the Mario Kart Tour game is now available for all mobile platforms, and now you can enjoy the Nintendo iconic game on your smartphone.

With tons of racing tracks available and tons of characters, you can expect to have a great blast playing Mario Kart Tour game.

Racing kart in different tracks also gives you adrenal rush with a huge bonus, which is lying on the racing track. You can use these bonuses to help you accelerate your pace or knock-off another player from the racing track.

We have listed top tips and tricks of Mario Kart Tour, which will help you beat your competition.

Tips and Tricks For Mario Kart Tour Game

Mario Kart Tour Guide

Choose the Character, Glider, and Kart

Depending on your position and points in the game, you can choose Character, Glider, and Kart. You need to select the correct combination to make your game kart more balanced at high-speed.

Try to choose the most significant payout when your character stays in position point at the start of the race.

Keep on upgrading your characters, gliders, and karts when you have coins and rubies. It will help if you unlock tracks with coins and rubies available in your game account.

Try to perform a stunt in race

If you want to earn more coins and rubies in the game, you need to perform stunt to get those free bonuses in the game. you can include an action like

  • Driving over ramps
  • Attacks with items
  • Collecting coins
  • Using boost to increase speed
  • Collecting other game items

You can also use particular stunt which will help you collect game goodies are

  • Turn on Manual Drift
  • Use Smart Steering
  • Turn off collecting auto-items
  • Turn on Gyro Handling

Check these settings during your racing game, and try to check which suit you well in the game. There are many proven and legitimate ways to boost your kart’s speed, like bumping off the head of the dinosaur or using buff in the racing tracks.

Keep on experimenting with a different stunt in the air, which can help you improve your position in the racing tracks.

Do not afraid of doing a stunt in the air or choose a different path while racking the kart game. The game will give you bonus points for all the stunt you have to perform during your racing.

Game levels depend on Kart CC

Ok! Mario Kart Tour Game levels depend on the CC (power) in which you need to complete that racing track.

When you upgrade or when your level increases, the game will provide you new CC, which means new racing tracks will be unlocked. You need to stick with the new CC and try to upgrade all mechanics to match the new level.

Remember, you cannot win all matches with the same kart, you need to keep on upgrading the karts and glider to improve gameplay.

Keep on playing the racing track as you will get position points and bonuses when you complete any race. You can also get a high bonus when you do stunt with your present kart in the game.

Use all game goodies to knock off competition

It would be best if you use all possible game goodies to knock off competition, while you race in the Mario Kart Tour game. Racing game is entertaining when it is played according to the rules defined in the game.

In the Mario Kart Tour game, you will be given ample game goodies. You can use them to throw on your enemy to knock him off the track. If you have not used them until now, then use it for your game shake.

Using game goodies also helps you boost your game speed. You can use it for surprising all your competition when you activate them.

Try to use the offensive items when you are lower in position and when you are losing your race.

Keep Playing Past Races

Mario kart tour game will not give you enough coins and rubies to beat all the players in the game. You need to replay previous races to get free Coins and Rubies in the game.

Ensure that you get the points bonus in every race you take in the Mario Kart Tour game and churn out some coins and rubies. Keep logging in daily to get more goodies as the game will reward you when you keep coming every day.

Keep playing the “Coin Rush” races to get some extra coins and game goodies to get some racing trophy.

Final words

So, these are the 05 tips and tricks of Mario Kart Tour, which you can use and keep your competition at bay.