Merge Dragons Tips

Merge Dragons Tips And Tricks

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Developed and launched by Gram Games Limited, Merge Dragon is an exciting game that millions of active users enjoy. When we talk about Merge Dragons Tips, we can say that it involves the basic rule of ‘combining.’

The game is set in an exclusive vast world that is attacked by numerous zombies.

The players are required to revive the land by combining various objects which are capable of giving a new life to the world. As the players successfully combine the essential elements of the games, they are allowed to play the next level.

It is engaging and worth playing since it keeps the players hooked up until the end of the stage. So we can surely say that this is one of the most amusing games ever produced.

This article briefly explains some very crucial and essential gaming tips which can be adapted and accessed by the potential players of all around the world.

Tips For Merge Dragons Game

Always merge 5 instead of 3

Many players possibly don’t know that they can merge things and stuff into 5 rather than in a cluster of 3. So what really you’ll be getting with this little change?

Well, the idea is that if a player merges them in a cluster of 5 instead of 3, then the outputs are doubled. It helps the player to complete the level faster and with more efficiency.

If possible, merge everything

Most of the things in Merge Dragon can be merged. From coins to dragons or gems, the players can try and combine every free stuff. Merging the things leads to a higher score, along with a better result.

You can try and mix everything possible, and you can unlock some really great quotes and connect them.

Always try to save your Dragon Gems

The players find it difficult not to spend their Dragon Games if they want to wake their dragons up or want to boost their stamina.

All You have to do is to save the precious Dragon Gems for the bigger Dragons Chest, which might be faced in the high levels of the game. This is essential since the higher and bigger levels include some rare and big rewards.

Gain cons through Harvesting

The gamers can farm the coins by harvesting the fruits. How the stones are gained by harvesting, the cons can also be obtained through harvesting of the fruit trees.

Coins are essential since they are used for purchasing more dragons and various buildings in the game. Coins can be obtained by following some simple steps.

Like when the player drags a particular dragon onto a tree, they get a piece of fruit like grapes, bananas, pears or raspberries.and many others.

By merging 5 pieces of the fruit, the players can gain some tiny magic coins and some bronze coins. Then the players can merge these coins, which can provide them Magic Gem of Life, which can be worth 25k coins.

Try to take the Dragon Sars Back to the Camps

This one is crucial when playing a particular level at times; the gamers receive a Purple Dragon Star. Keep this in mind that you don’t have to tap it.

Always try to save it and bring it back to the camp, where you can merge it with the other Dragon Stars. If you merge it with 3 to 5 of them, you can gain Magnificent Dragon Star. The players can tap that dragon star for 10 to 12 times for obtaining the Dragon Gems.

Complete the levels with the Coins and Brick

Try farming the coins and brick as much as possible. You can gain them through farming them with fruit trees and tones. Try merging them so that you can earn immense rewards and chest, which will help you to pass the difficulty levels easily.

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How To Get Free Gems And Dragon Eggs In Merge Dragon?

Now this section of the article enlists various ways in which the gamers can obtain free games and Dragon Eggs while playing the game.

The best way for gamers to obtain free gems without even purchasing them is to go for the Dragon stars. They appear randomly while playing the game, so it becomes really difficult for the payer to gain 3 Dragon Stars at one level.

Here the best thing which you can do is save them and take them to the camp.

When they appear, leave them, and after winning the level, they appear in the reward menu. Please bring them back to the camp and merge them. After you have successfully saved up to 5 Purple Dragons Stars, try to merge them all at once.

The players even try to merge it in 3, but it is usually less efficient than the 5. Once you have successfully merged the, you can tap them for obtaining free gems.

Thus with these simple techniques, gamers can get free gems, which will help them with the higher and hard levels.

Another simple method you can undergo is to complete the quests to find the gems available on the land. There are chances that the players can find the gems or even the Purple Dragon Star on the dead land in some rooms.

Though these are rare, if the player wants to get some free gems, he can go for this option.

Even by unlocking the Premium Land under the Gold Clouds, the gamers can find the gems along with the purple dragon star. It can come with some other things like nests and eggs etc.

With the right amount of Dragon Power, gamers can benefit from purchasing the land and then donating free games and rewards after merging the dragons.


These were simple Merge Dragons tips and tricks that anyone interested in playing this amusing g game with a variety of fun elements.

By going through all the essential gaming tricks, the players can use the methods which can help them get some of the most significant rewards and chest offers while playing the games.