ways to get free Xbox Live Codes easily

How To Get Free Xbox Live Codes [ Tested ]

Last Updated on May 12, 2021

Who isn’t familiar with Xbox? It is made out of many video games produced by Microsoft so that you can spend your free time giving yourself some good entertainment. Those people that only sit in front of the TV know that a gaming console is their life-partner for real. No matter if they are idling, sitting at their home, or waiting for some friends to come over, Xbox will save their lives from dying of boredom.

There are live codes for Xbox that are free in this case scenario, and you can use these codes to make a few purchases. The article is for people that enjoy playing games and make an effort to put their hands on the gold trial code that is free for Xbox Live.

With the fast-growing rate of technology, the people who create the games are trying to entertain people who love games. Moreover, Xbox’s free trial codes are a method for them to buy games and other things.

The Features Of The Xbox Live Gold Are:

  • Online private chatting with players.
  • Online competition with other players.
  • Perform matchmaking, also known as Smart match.
  • Unique cloud space for keeping files.
  • The option of sharing your own gameplay for broadcasting.
  • Unique access to exclusive offers, premium Gold games, along with Video Kinect
  • Free video games.
  • Accessing game demos early compared to regular gamers.
  • A weekly discount of up to 75% in the Xbox store.

The unique feature will help you become a permanent member in the Xbox community where you can make your avatar, send out requests, make interaction, and compete with other gamers.

Methods for getting Free Xbox Codes

Trial For Microsoft Live Account

To get the free Xbox Live Codes, you need to make a registration for a Microsoft live account and perform the following steps below:

  1. Make registration for a new Xbox account and sign up for a new Microsoft account.
  2. Head over to the page to subscribe and double tap on the Gold Membership to get a one-month free trial.
  3. Link a credit to the account—key in the right credit card information. Once you have completed the free trial, you can exit the service before you start paying for paid subscription fees.
  4. Tap on the tick boxes to start your free trial. You have to remember that you can use the offer of Gold Membership of Xbox Live only once.

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SRXBOX Live Codes

Rewards from Microsoft

We have gone through many ways to get your new codes for Xbox for free, but do you require more? If so, check out the Rewards program from Microsoft. It is an excellent alternative to applications if you want free Xbox Live codes sent directly to your device. It is because earning gift tokens via third-party apps is acceptable, but sometimes you need a little bit more.

Microsoft Rewards

What Are the Ways to Earn Microsoft Tokens Via Bing?

  1. First, open the Bing webpage, and log in to the Microsoft account that is the same one as your Xbox login ID.
  2. Once you log in to the Bing account, pick Microsoft Rewards’ option from the page’s right top corner.
  3. Now, begin using the browser of Microsoft Rewards to make a search or other things that you want to do. Use the smartphone to use searches continuously. It will lead you to earn more points every day. These reward points are a simple way to get new free codes for Xbox Live.

How Do You Make Redemption for Xbox Live Gold Reward Point System?

  1. To make a point redemption on the Microsoft rewards account, choose the Xbox live and click on it.
  2. Next, tap on Redeem Rewards.
  3. Click on the Reward option.
  4. You will get an email that has Gold codes that you can claim on your Xbox Live.

Making an Activation for the Gold Trial on Current Xbox Accounts

If you have gotten an Xbox for decades, but you have never used this Gold Subscription for Xbox Live, you are now lucky. You can obtain a free trial for your Gold subscription for your current account – you do not have to sign up for a brand-new account.

However, if you have used the Gold subscription before this, then that’s it. You can tell fast if you receive eligibility for this method of winning an Xbox Live free trial by looking at the button “Gold 14 Days Free Trial” at the bottom of the subscription page.

  1. After you have created a Microsoft account, then you can sign in on the Subscription section. You can attempt this anytime, even if you already had an account for some time.
  2. Select and click on the “Gold 14 Days Free Trial” option.
  3. Add in your credit card information.
  4. Follow the whole procedure to complete the entire process of signing up.

Giveaways for Reddit and Youtube

It is no giveaway that Reddit gives a lot of valuable data compared to Wikipedia if you can get the right post. Some people have gained a ton of free Xbox codes, gift tokens from Google Play, and codes from Steam Wallet just by reading the Reddit community’s posts.

After all, where do you think you can get a more dynamic community of content keepers that are so well experienced?
Just as there are many distinct threads for a different variety of game cheats, there is one subreddit that you can get for all those gaming fans that want to get free codes from Xbox Live.

Therefore, you will notice fast that it isn’t surprising that a lot of the posts are requests from gamers rather than real giveaways. It doesn’t mean you are out of luck compared to those subreddits.

We suggest that you follow these subreddits related to the Xbox and Xbox Live codes as you might never know what types of generous strangers are hanging around on the Reddit community.


YouTube is a fine place to grab some new codes for Xbox Live for free.

Some of the most well-known channels on Youtube, like MKBHD, etc., often give sponsored giveaways and contests to their viewers. You can obtain memberships for Xbox live, Gift Cards, Xbox Game Pass and a lot of other stuff. For example, one Dutch site gives you free Xbox Live codes for other users’ email ID to sign up.

Applications that You Can Use to Earn Free Xbox Codes

Apart from the primary ways to get free live codes from Xbox, other apps can give you genuine codes. However, you might find many sites and applications that provide you free trial codes from Xbox live, but it might be at risk to your console security.

Some of the areas are rather bogus. So, the guide has free apps for free gold codes from Xbox Live to make your whole gaming experience worth it. Let us look into these apps!

1. Free Live Gift Cards and Lie Gold by Dubok Valentin

These free gold codes and gift cards from Xbox Live are rare, and many gamers will go to extreme measures to get them.
But what happens if we told you guys that there was an opportunity to obtain a gold membership for your Xbox live or gift cards completely free of charge?

It is precisely what the application made from Dubok Valentin can do.
With the free application, you can get free games and earn tokens of rewards that you can redeem for free codes on Xbox Live or Paypal money.

2. Appbounty

The application has been downloaded tens of millions of times by gamers all across the world.

With a good rating on play store of 4.2, it is a relatively reliable method for obtaining live codes and other well-known gift cards.

After installing the game, simply launch the game and carry out the tasks to obtain the token of rewards.

3. Get Rewards for Using FeaturePoints:

You can get reward tokens and earn cash on the phone using the free application to make online purchases, do surveys, and others.

Moreover, ever since 2012, the application has released more than 5.8 million USD as a reward.

You can also use the tokens that you have gathered to get other cool tokens like funds for Google Play or funds, Amazon, Playstation, etc.

Christmas Giveaways to Obtain Gold Codes for Xbox Live

Sign up on the website called livekaarten.nl to win free Xbox live codes. In return for your email ID, gamers can redeem free Xbox live gold codes through the sites. You can find a lot of retail shops giving online help for gaming.

However, these sites do not hand out free codes to gamers every single day. Each user has to fulfill specific needs to win these giveaways at Christmas. The offer also doesn’t apply to everyone, and you have to be lucky enough to win all these codes while being on the site. Even if you subscribe to newsletters and emails, it won’t help you earn these gold codes.

Final Verdict

We recommend that you stop messing around on these sites and stop getting scammed from false generator sites.

On the contrary, you can try all the traditional ways stated in the guide. Many working legit websites give out reward tokens and give you a chance to earn free Gold codes for your Xbox Live.

The sites also give out gift cards when you carry out small tasks for them like finishing a real survey, watching videos, and playing games.
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