Free UC In PUBG Mobile 2020

How To Get Free UC in PUBG Mobile

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

UC, or Unknown Cash, is every player’s dream as it helps them unlock a wide range of features, buy weapons and ammo to revamp their arsenal. It helps one purchase new costumes and skins and also to buy the Elite Plus pass and the Royal Pass Elite, to participate in exciting, pro-level PUBG tournaments. However, UC can be obtained only by paying actual cash to the game. Still, are you wondering about how to get UC free of cost?

This article has a list of the best tips for Free UC in PUBG Mobile. 

Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile

Download referral apps

Download mobile apps that pay a lot of money for each referral of yours. Some of the apps that spend a lot of money for each reference are Winzo Gold, MPL Pro App, Helo App, MiniJoy App, and PayTM First Games Pro. Use the money earned to obtain UC from PUBG. 

Google Playstore Discount code

This offer is available only for selected users.

  • Open Google Playstore and click ‘notifications.’ 
  • Check whether there is a discount code worth Rs. 200 for your PUBG account
  • If yes, click ‘claim offer.’ 
  • Open PUBG, click ‘UC Purchase.’
  • Purchase any UC product above Rs 350
  • Apply the Automatic Discount 
  • Click Automatic Discount and check whether Rs 200 has got reimbursed.

Google Opinion Rewards

  • Install the ‘Google Opinion Rewards’ app. 
  • Participate in the surveys conducted 
  • You may not be paid for your first survey, but participate in as many surveys as possible, to be eligible for payment.
  • You will be paid through Google Pay
  • Once your Google Pay balance is sufficient, cash in the amount in PUBG to buy UC 

India bonus challenge

  • Open PUBG and log in to your account 
  • Click the trophy icon in the corner of the screen
  • Click India Bonus Challenge
  • Participate in the challenge to win passes and battle coins
  • Once you have won battle coins, click India Bonus Challenge, again
  • Click Redeem Rewards option
  • Select the product of your choice
  • Click Redeem

Play tournaments

  • Download the Gamingmonk app
  • Enter your mobile number to receive an OTP
  • Enter the OTP to verify your mobile number
  • Once the verification process is done, the list of all tournaments will be available
  • Click the tournament that you want to participate in
  • Read all the rules of the tournament and click Join
  • Play and win UC, Battle Coins and Royal passes
  • If the tournament offers only cash rewards, it will automatically get transferred to the PayTM account linked to your verifies the mobile number 
  • Withdraw the cash from your PayTM account and use it to buy UC

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Elite pass

  • Buy an Elite pass and use it to obtain seasonal rewards from PUBG.
  • Some rewards earned are in the form of UC.
PUBG Mobile Elite Pass

Prime pass or Royal pass

 Using the cash that you have earned through referral apps, Google Opinion Rewards, or otherwise, buy a Prime Pass or a Royal Game Pass. The Prime Pass is valid only for a limited amount of time, and a monthly bill will be generated, where you will get a fixed amount UC for every day you have logged in.

On the other hand, the Royal pass is seasonal. Use it to unlock all the rewards in the current season while simultaneously receiving 30 UC when you complete some levels. 

Online live stream tournaments

Join Live Stream tournaments, which have custom rooms for every player. One of the most popular apps that host live stream tournaments is the Rheo app. The Rheo app is a community of PUBG players where competitions are held, participate in giveaways that are owned, to obtain Free UC in PUBG Mobile. 

Further, if you are a veteran user of the Rheo App, you will get a lot of Rheo cards and coins. Redeem them with PUBG mobile to buy Free UC. 

Participate in Free UC Giveaway

 There are a lot of Youtube channels run by hardcore PUBG gamers that organize tournaments and also give regular updates about UC giveaway. One can participate in the competitions and win rewards or cash in on UC giveaway events to obtain a lot of rewards and up their PUBG arsenal.

UC Redeem Code

There are many ways through which you can get Redeem Codes. You can follow PUBG’s official page on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get to know about free tournaments organized by the PUBG media handles. Or you can also follow the game publishers on social media to receive quick, authentic updates about the giveaways that are released from time to time. 

Most Redeem codes are valid only for a short period and expire soon. Further, some Redeem codes are applicable only for specific products. Hence one must be pretty quick to cash invalid Redeem codes before they expire.

As mentioned before, you must stay in touch with the PUBG gaming community and regularly check out and subscribe to trusted websites that send immediate alerts whenever Redeem codes seem to be available.

How to use Redeem codes?

  • Obtain a valid Redeem code
  • Check whether the Redeem code can be cashed in to get free UC in PUBG Mobile
  • If yes, open PUBG mobile on your phone
  • Go to the PUBG mobile Redeem center
  • Minimize it to keep it aside. Open PUBG mobile
  • Click Profile and copy your Account ID
  • Go back to the Redeem center page
  • Paste your Account ID and paste it in the character ID box
  • Copy and paste the Free UC Redeem code
  • Simultaneously, open your PUBG mailbox
  • The verification code will be sent to your inbox through in-game email
  • Copy the verification code and paste it in the field below the Redeem code
  • Click the Redeem button
  • The UC codes would have been directly sent to your in-game mailbox
  • Access the codes and utilize them, to get free UC

These are some of the essential tips and tricks that one must know to obtain free UC. Follow accessible PUBG pages, remain an active member of the PUBG gaming community to know smarter, newer, and better hacks to gain UC, buy more and more features, and enhance your PUBG experience!