Fortnite Error code 91 fix

Fortnite Error Code 91 : Fixed For You

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Imagine you are a hardcore Fortnite gamer, out in the open on one of our most dangerous missions. With the desire to conquer your enemies and win the battle, you strategize and decide to team up with another squad, which seems to have the best ammo and enhance your chances of survival and glory.

With frenzied anticipation, you click the ‘Join’ button to join the party. Instead of an invitation, you are faced with Fortnite error code 91: The party is not accepting join requests. Please try later. Or ‘Fortnite error code 91: party services are currently experiencing technical difficulties.’ Devastated, you automatically get disconnected and watch your on-screen life fade away.

Or you might be a casual gamer, eagerly wanting to play with your squad. But having to deal with the eponymous ‘Fortnite error code 91’, you lose interest in the game and quit, cursing your luck.

Fortnite, despite being a popular online game, has its own set of errors, which plagues, otherwise fantastic and immersive gaming experience. The error code 91 is a very common error that rises during the gameplay. Luckily, it is an error that one can deal with and troubleshoot with ease.

Here are 4 tips to trump Fortnite error code 91.

Restart the gameplay. This is one of the simplest and most common solutions for fixing the error. One must close the application, irrespective of whatever stage the game is at, and reopen it.

If one is playing in a squad at that moment, one can also request the other squad members to close Fortnite for a few minutes and restart.

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Change your party type.

This is one of the weirdest solutions that can be implemented. For some unknown reason, the game’s server fails to recognize that invitations can be sent to private parties or squads by new members who want to join them.

If one is unable to join a party, one can inform the party members about this and request them to change their party type from ‘Private’ to ‘Public.’ This way, any issue the server might face in relaying request messages to private squads gets nullified.

Check Fortnite game files.

Perusing and checking one’s game files is also a useful fix, especially if one is playing on a PC. This way, one can identify corrupt files (if there are any) and replace them with the right, healthy files. Here are the steps to be followed if one is about to verify Fortnite game files:

  • Initially, please restart the computer to check for any applications running in the background, that might hinder our verification process
  • Launch Epic Games Launcher on your computer
  • Click the settings icon and choose ‘Verify.’
  • Wait until all the game files are verified
  • After the procedure is over, close the application
  • Reopen the game to check whether the issue can be fixed.

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Uninstall and reinstall

If nothing seems to work and the error still keeps popping up, uninstall the game from your phone/ computer and reinstall it. This fix generally works when nothing else does.

Peruse Fortnite user manual

The Fortnite game user manual, released by Epic Games, has a well-documented, updated list of errors. It also contains details about how to tackle every error that might be encountered while playing the game. One is advised to go through the manual thoroughly and follow the steps mentioned alongside each error for effective troubleshooting.

Contact technical support

The Fortnite technical support team has their twitter page, where the users can look for posts that might help resolve the error. They can also directly contact the technical support after trying to troubleshoot the errors on their own.


Finally, one must remember that most online games, with a huge fan following, have their fair share of bugs and unprecedented errors. The Fortnite error code 91 has already been reported to Epic games, and they are taking steps to eliminate the error in their upcoming versions entirely. Hence the user can wait and try the fixes mentioned in the article so that their gaming experience does not get affected.