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Get Coin Master Free Spins [ Daily Link April 2021 ]

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

In case you are still wondering how to get free spins for Coin Master, then you have landed in the right place. It is a mobile game that can get people addicted to its design. It is a combination of a slot game experience with the fighting of Clash of Clans to remake something that you cannot keep your hands off of, in a rather proper way.

The issue is, you will have to put it down many times if you do not want to put in cash to obtain more regular spins. It is understandable when there are only 30 spins that will put you back to 1.99 Euros in the UK or 1.99 USD in the USA.

However, you are in luck because there are many ways to get a free spin for Coin Master. It will cut down the need for you to spend more and increase speed where you can progress through the whole experience that can make you addicted. A lot of these are also easy to pull off, so you do not have to worry about getting through complex movements to continue playing your most likable game.

Methods To Get Coin Master Free Spins And Coins

Coin Master Daily spin links

1. Send invitations to Facebook users

Each time you send an invite to a friend on Facebook to play games, you get 40 free spins. To gain credit, your Facebook friend has to accept the game invitations, download and open it, and log right into Facebook so that the account is linked to the game. If you have plenty of Facebook friends, it will add up fast.

These Facebook friends do not have to play the game; they have to download it and log in on their official Facebook account to obtain free spins.

If you link your Facebook account to the game, you will obtain 50 spins for free. You might have already attempted this, but when you just began the game, you could always add on Facebook to obtain these spins if you used a different tactic to log in.

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2. Using the meat of the game – coin master slot machine

The game’s main focus is the Slot Machine, and you will spend a lot of the gaming period on the screen. You can access the Slots Machine by accessing the in-game menu and select the coin master by trying to swipe down from the view of the Village.

When reaching below the Slots Machine, you will see the number of spins available. Each time you start to spin the machine, the number will decrease by one. Once you have finished your Spins, you have to wait for more spins to regenerate.

The Slots Machine in the system has four reels with different symbols. If you succeed in getting at least four of the same characters consecutively, you will be able to act right away. The four signs are coin bags, hammer, pig bandit, spin capsule, and shield.

3. Collecting master cards to obtain free spins

Moon Active gives you links that will provide you with free cards on Coin Master. However, if you collect these free cards every day, you will have more than needed very soon. The more cards you currently have, the more opportunities you have to obtain free spins from your daily menus.

Cards can be obtained by opening up Chests, which are bought by using Coins. There are different themes for the card collection, and each pack has about nine Cards. Make sure to collect all the other kinds of cards in the Collection, and you will be able to obtain bonuses, including free Spins and Coins, along with Pets.

4. Getting spins from coin master chests

As stated in the cards section, you can buy chests from the in-game shop to exchange Coins. All the compartments will enable you to get cards to up to 5-star quality level, but the more costly Chests have larger odds of dropping higher quality cards.

Higher-level chests also have fewer odds or dropping cards that are low level compared to Chests of low level, so if you are looking for certain low-level star cards to complete Collection of cards, you will want to invest Coins on Chests that are of lower levels.

Moreover, you can get Pet Snacks, Experiences, or open Chests and obtain bonus Spins. These are all added to the inventory on top of the Cards that you receive. Therefore it doesn’t affect the probabilities of the Card drop.

Every time you go to a new place, you will be able to obtain a Wooden Chest. It has a few cards in it, but just a couple. If you want to get more cards, you can go to the area to buy coins and spins and buy chests to obtain more cash. That means you can complete your card collection and get new free spins.

5. Watching Video Ads Sponsors

There is a limit for free spins on Coin Master you will obtain every day by watching video ads. Simple go to the slot machine and tap on the spin energy button at the bottom of the page.

If it is not there, that means you have run out of free spins that you will be able to obtain using video ads for that day, but if the button is there, tap on it, and you can watch the video ads.

6. Following Moonactive Social media account

The developer of the game, namely Moon Active, will give you clickable links, and you will get a lot of free rewards. Not just that, there are also a lot of little giveaways and contests that you can get into for the extra free stuff. If you want to grab some free spins, follow the game developer on social media.

7. Exchanging Gifts with friends

If you have an active group of friends on the Coin Master, you’ll be able to get a free spin from each one of your friends every day. The friends need to play it actively to send you gifts, so make sure to attempt to interact with as many friends in the game as possible.

For example, you can receive a maximum of 100 free spins from 100 friends as gifts. However, to have those gifts, you’ll have to have 100 highly active and kind friends to send you a gift every day, which is not really realistic unless you’re extremely famous. 

But, if you manage to get sufficient people on the friend list that can play consistently, it might be an easy method to harvest spins without attempting to do much. You can also go on social media so view who is playing the game and make friends with you in the game.

8. Leveling up the Village

Every time you want to level up the Village, you get a lot of new free spins for the Coin Master. However, it is not easy. It costs a lot of gold to buy new buildings and make an improvement to them, and you have to buy each of them, including renovations, for leveling up. It will cost you a lot of spins!

We know that the Boom village level comes with a higher chance of getting amazing rewards. When you find out that you are in the boom level, it’s recommended for you to buy as many chests as you can and invest your coins to get interesting rewards and bonuses like rare and golden cards, pet food, and extra spins.

Once you’ve already reached the Boom village level, try staying in the Village a little longer to buy the maximum number of chests you can for receiving mind-blowing rewards.

9. Participate in the large in-game event

There are many different events in the games; the main objective is to get additional products to their players like free spins, shields, and other stuff, like bonuses.

There are two well-known events, and they are, namely, attack madness and raid madness. Other than that, you might have heard about tournaments and other occasions that are held in the in-game event.

During a game tournament, you can finish the missions rather quickly compared to playing the game on a normal mode, but if you can obtain three types of rare items in the game like ice cream, or diamonds, you will obtain up to 10x more spins and coins that you place a bet on.

These events are rather hard to play, and not everybody can succeed in playing these events and complete the circumstances, but the manual today will show you the best method to play out the events and stock up for spins and coins.

10. Coin master Viking quest producing free spins.

Coin Master has many different events where the game gives players a chance to secure large winnings and captivating bonuses. The Viking Quest is one of these rewards. It is a great chance for players to win coins and free spins, experience points, pet portions, and rare golden cards.

Viking Quest is one of the most awaited events because it brings many captivating bonuses itself. As a bonus, the coins that you win on occasion will be free of raids for 3 minutes, like a ghost mode, so you have the advantage of not being treasure looted by the person next to you.

11. Large raids in Coin Master

Large raids in the main game are a method to obtain a large number of tokens and other stuff while you can heist on other gamers’ villages. The best way to get large raids is by using the pets in the in-game while performing an attack on any town.

Make sure to bring foxy along with you. Foxy will help you get a large number of free coins while conducting large raids on other villages. However, if you want to make a bet to the maximum, you can get a lot of free coins and spins.

Sometimes large raids seem great because they have a lot of free coins, but if you are greedy, you might lose out.

12. Make a Coinmaster baby Account. 

It might be another method to make another second account in the game, but you can view the detailed guide if you do not know how to do so. The second account will help you in various ways, like interchanging coins from the first to the second account.

When you own two accounts, use both accounts to raid each other with 70x bet, etc. It is also wise to make different accounts in the game. 

Daily Free Spin Links Updated 2021

11/7/20202 million coinsCollect
11/7/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
11/7/202025 spinsCollect
11/7/202025 spinsCollect
11/6/202025 spinsCollect
11/6/20202 million coinsCollect
11/6/202025 spinsCollect
11/6/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
11/5/202025 spinsCollect
11/5/20202 million coinsCollect
11/5/20202 million coinsCollect
11/4/202025 spinsCollect
11/4/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
11/4/202025 spinsCollect
11/4/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
11/3/202025 spinsCollect
11/3/202030 spins, 30 million coinsCollect
11/3/2020Coin Craze eventCollect
11/3/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
11/3/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
11/2/202025 spinsCollect
11/2/202025 spinsCollect
11/2/202010 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
11/2/20202 million coinsCollect
02/02/20212 million coinsCollect
11/1/202125 spinsCollect
03/12/202125 spinsCollect
03/13/202125 spinsCollect
03/31/202125 spinsCollect
04/01/202125 spinsCollect
04/01/202110 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
03/31/202125 spinsCollect
03/31/202110 spins, 1 million coinsCollect
03/30/202150 spins, 25 million coinsCollect


How Do You Get Rewards of 50 Spins?

The coin master 50 spin rewards usually appear during events inside the game, like certain rewards that give you bonuses for raiding or fighting other players. There is also a small likelihood to obtain the number from daily links, so make sure to bookmark the page and check back from time to time.

How Do You Get 100 Spin Rewards from Coin Master?

You can get them, but not via daily links. We have seen many free spins pop up during the event of in-game, but it is usually for those that give you bonuses for making raids and taking part in PvP battles.

Make sure to play all the time and follow social media channels for certain events, and you have to watch out for events like this.

Can a Game Player Get 400 Spin and 800 Spin via reward link?

The only way you can obtain more spins is by trying to complete a card set and win over more spins. Make sure to play the game and receive more spins by winning. Play events regularly to win more spins.

Is the Game Legit?

Yes. The Coin Master is the top app in the UK and USA as well, especially for consumer spending, taking in a hundred million dollars.

It has an aggregate daily profit of almost 190K USD, with users spending about 9.38 USD for each download. With nearly 81 million downloads, it brings in a lot of cash.