how to buy cheap hearhstone pack with Amazon coins

Buy Cheaper Hearthstone Packs With Amazon Coins

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Are you trying to buy cheap Hearthstone packs? Fortunately, there is a method where you can save costs. Usually, if you want to purchase packs directly from the in-game store, you will have to cough up 50 USD for 40 packs. However, there is another less famous method to buy packs on a discount or purchasing Amazon Coins.

Amazon Coins: What Are They? 

Amazon coins are a type of currency used by Amazon that you can use to make purchases on eligible, some games, and some digital codes in the apps. The ratio of the currency to real money is relatively simple. 1 USD is equivalent to 1 Amazon coin.

However, you can buy Amazon Coins at a discount, which means a 2% discount when you purchase 500 coins and a maximum of 25% discount while buying 50,000 coins.

The Amazon Coins can be spent like cash itself. You can spend them via either Amazon Appstore or items that are in-app stuff like gems and other things like power-ups.


With some decent Sales Tax for Digital Goods that is supposed to apply to 28 states when you do writing, you will need to put in the sales tax that is applicable to see if the sales tax makes sense for you to do transactions using Amazon coins. All this will be explained in finer details with some examples in real-life when these Amazon Coin transactions occur.

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Hearthstone vs. Amazon

If you are getting doubts about the strong connection between Hearthstone and Amazon, you need to take a look at Amazon’s Hearthstone manual.

Herthstone Pack

The major thing that you must know for using the Amazon coins to the maximum to buy cheaper Hearthstone packs with Amazon coins is how you would download the Hearthstone app via the Appstore. You can go to their page for extra information.

What Do I Require For Buying Hearthstone Packs With Amazon Coins?

Dealing with Amazon Coins is pretty easy to begin with!

  • Possess an Amazon account in a location that allows discounted Amazon Coins.
  • A gift card or credit card to buy Amazon Coins on the site.
  • A mobile device that is capable of making an installation of both the Hearthstone app and the Amazon App Store.

iOS users can also manage to do the Android emulator installation using a computer and install the Hearthstone and app store.

 How Does It Work

Once you have made an installation on the Amazon Appstore, you need two items: Installing the Hearthstone and, on the other hand, purchasing the Amazon Coins. You have to bear in mind that the more Coins you buy, the less these coins’ prices.

Therefore it’s recommended to buy in large packages, although given that 5000 coins package right now is the best package you can get if you have never bought a coin package before.

  • Amazon coins have a value of 1 cent each in the USA.
  • Purchasing Amazon Coins at a discount, depending on how many you buy at a time.
  • Load up the app on your phone or emulator on the computer that you have made an installation via the App Store.
  • Buy in-game packs using Hearthstone by using up the Amazon Coins.

So How Much Is It Possible to Save?

I am going to guide you through a one-time purchase using this way. Your actual savings will be different from mine as it depends on other factors.

  1. What are the available discounts you can get from the Amazon store each time you buy something?
  2. What is the percentage of “kickback” that you get when you buy something?
  3. Whether the state you’re at needs tax on digital goods bought on the Amazon store. The tax appears upon spending coins, not while buying them. Some states do not pay these taxes, four of them, namely: Oregon, Montana, New Hampshire, and Delaware.

Actions that I Took:

I bought 10k coins via the Amazon site with 81USD in 2017, while the original price is about 87USD. It goes up to about 0.81cents for each currency.

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I also went to the card shop in the app from Hearthstone and bought some Un’Goro packs, about fifty of them. It cost about 50 USD.

I used Amazon coins as my payment choice ( you have to log into the Hearthstone app and download the app from the Amazon store).

The whole purchase cost up to 5349 coins. Three hundred fifty coins amounted to the tax of 7%.

I also got back a kickback of 250 coins.

I bought 50 packs for 41.30 USD. Or about 0.826 USD for each pack. Quite a good discount if you compare it to the original price.

Are There Limitations When Utilizing Amazon Coins?

Buying the card packs for Hearthstone using Amazon Coins is the cheapest and best alternative. However, you cannot use this tactic everywhere. Before you go on and make a large order on Amazon Coins, you might want to figure out the different conversion rates between Amazon Coins and the card packs from Hearthstone and the local taxes applicable to digital stuff.

The price difference between various regions might be significant, and you might find yourself paying more than 0.01 cents for each Amazon Coin.

Buying Amazon Coins might also be troublesome, especially if you do not currently possess a credit card. Unfortunately, Amazon Coins can only be purchased using a credit card, so anyone who wants to buy your Amazon Coins using a debit card is sorry!

Amazon Store only accepts direct purchases through credit cards. It is good news, however, if you stay near an outlet that sells gift cards from Amazon, which can be easily exchanged for rewards for Amazon Points.

Another negative side of buying Amazon Coins is you cannot turn those Coins back into cash. However, there are heavily discounted prices for these Amazon Coins, and if someone wants to withdraw the Coins based on the base price, they might abuse the whole system and buy 50k coins for 400 dollars and sell them for 500 dollars.

Other Options for Apple Users

If you’re playing Hearthstone on your iPad or iPhone, or computer devices, but you own an Apple device, you can save up to a 20% cut using a discounted credit for iTunes. You have to make plans to go ahead.

Christmas shopping events are the best period to buy iTunes credit. There are stores like Best Buy and Costco that sell 100USD gift cards for only 80USD.

A great marketing strategy to get more sales for the holiday season. If you can spare some money and buy a lot of Hearthstone cards all year round, you can build up for the best savings.