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Best Steam Skins To Try In 2021

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Do you feel your Steam client interface looks too dull? Do you want a better looking Steam UI, without changing the versions and with all the features intact? Fret not, because we have got you covered!

Steam skins are customized UIs that one can download to replace the existing UI. Most Steam skins can be downloaded at a nominal cost and have a wide variety of themes.

One can select the Steam skin of their choice, download and apply it to their Steam UI and watch their interface transform into something exciting!

Best Steam Skins List 2021

Unsure about which Steam skin to choose? Here’s a list of the best Steam skins up for grabs! Read on, to discover, and choose the quirkiest, funkiest, and most useful Steam skin of your choice!

Steam customizer

Steam customizer is an online portal that helps users create their Steam skin themes and apply them to their Steam UI. It is entirely free, does not require any installation or downloads; hence one need not worry about the compatibility of their OS.

Steam customizer

 The user can create the Steam skin and directly load them onto their UI. This offers a lot of creative freedom, and the users can also share their themes on this portal and make them downloadable if they wish to. This portal also has a vibrant community of Steam skin creators. 

Hence, one can establish communication, share their best Steam skin design, and stay updated on everything going on in the Steam UI world. Further, if one remains updated, one can directly upgrade his/ her themes on this portal without their Steam skin getting damaged by recent updates in Steam. 

PixelVision 2

If you are someone who’s looking for a trendy UI, go no further! This has Aero bars, which makes the Steam skin look way better than the default Steam UI.

PixelVision 2 - best steam skin

It is, in fact, the newly developed version of the PixelVision. It was upgraded to ensure that the skin does not go dysfunctional when Steam gets updated.

Even if you are secretly fond of the Steam’s original UI, you will like this Steam skin better. It can easily be downloaded and installed and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. 

Nier Automata

It has a classic Yoko Taro look and is a treat for users who want something wacky and zany. It has excellent gameplay that lures and traps the user in the world of Nier. It has compelling visuals, stunning graphics, and runs without major lags.

Nier Automata

Further, it is also complemented by a solid, haunting background score. However, the Steam skin contents are not appropriate for every age as it contains nudity and violence. 

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Metro for Steam

It revamps the Steam UI by giving a clean interface and a huge variety of fonts that look quite professional. One can also use third-party apps to change the colors and font of each theme. Further, this Steam skin does not lag and is pretty swift in response.


However, tasks or actions that are not being performed at that moment get shuffled into a vast list. This list goes into the hamburger menu and gets hidden there. Sometimes, the ‘cancel’ and ‘exit’ buttons are placed elsewhere.

Further, it is designed with Windows OS in mind, and the UI may look pretty messed up if one is using macOS. 

Air skin

Are you someone who finds bright colors gaudy? All the Air Skin themes come in pastel colors, especially shades of blue that are very soothing on one’s eyes. And the text is usually in white, to make the font more readable against the blue background.

Air Steam Skin

Hence this is an excellent choice for people who want to use Steam at low-light conditions and aren’t sure whether an inbuilt dark mode exists. It is also pretty customizable so that one can choose the colors and fonts of their choice.

But on the downside, the ‘wallet’ sign has disappeared from the main screen. Hence one has to click ‘view profile,’ click ‘view wallet,’ and then click ‘manage’ to access one’s wallet.


Though this skin looks pretty similar to Steam’s default UI at the outset, the modifications are pretty deep and are designed uniquely.


Most of the themes are blue (i.e.) the panels, address bar, background, and menu are blue. This Steam skin does not lag and can easily be downloaded and installed across all computers.

It is also compatible with multiple OS like Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, if you are someone who likes bright, noisy colors and feels blue every time you see the color ‘blue,’ this UI is not for you. 


Are Steam skins safe? Yes! Steam skins are just visual enhancements added to the Steam UI to make it look better and more inviting. When Steam skins are downloaded/ created from trusted sources, they are safe and don’t have any virus or malware. Further, they don’t affect one’s game. 

How to install skins on Steam?

  • Download the Skin files. 
  • Extract the files and place them in the Steam directory C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/skins. 
  • In Steam, click ‘settings’ and choose ‘interface.’ 
  • Pick the skin of your choice from the dropdown list. 
  • Restart Steam

How do I pay for a Steam skin?

Some websites offer Steam skins for free, but they may have a virus, corrupted files, and other malware. Hence one can use trusted sites that helps users to purchase and Steam skins that are safe and do not a malfunction. One needs to choose ‘Pay by Skins’ in the payment method dropdown list, enter the trade URL, and log in to their Steam account. 


Out of all the Steam skins featured here, our pick is the Steam customizer 2021. One can create their skins for free and apply them without any installation. Further, the skins can be given an auto-upgrade, and one can also share their Steam skin themes and stay updated on the latest news about Steam Skins!