Best Discord Soundboards to try

Best Soundboards To Experience Discord

Last Updated on December 23, 2020

A great way to make your Discord experience better is by using a soundboard. The right melody at the right moment is a great way to make conversations better. You add a little sarcasm to the talks, highlight certain pieces of absurdities, or destroy awkward pauses just by pressing a single switch.

What Exactly is A Discord Soundboard?

The Discord Soundboard is a type of mechanics that is used for the objective of playing audio sounds and other sounds as well. These soundboards are used for different kinds of games. In specific periods, soundboards are used on the radio.

The main objective of using a soundboard is to produce sound, and the sound settings can be adjusted through it. It can control the functions of the voice mode and let you play songs in MP3 format.

How Do You Do Soundboard Installation on the Discord?

  • First, you have to download the required software and make an installation.
  • Next, you have to make installation and open the Discord software.
  • Secondly, go to the chat program settings.
  • After that, go to the settings of the audio, and select the settings for the Microphone.
  • Now, you have to search and upload the sounds that you like

Best Software for the Soundboard to Use In Discord

When relating to fragile soundboards, which have two big names in mind: One called Resanance, and the other is called Soundpad. There are also many smaller, less well-known solutions, though getting these soundboards by setting up with the Discard will need some technical information.


The soundboard by Resanance is a free soundboard that most software can accept. It is also software that is made out of different types of groups and individuals for common interaction. It is also a rather enjoyable and helpful type of software. It is the type of soundboard that gamers prefer to use. It is also rather advantageous.

Resanance discord Sounboard

Moreover, the software is also made for communication objectives. Furthermore, the control panel button is also grey, and it is a top-secret panel, which produces signals when the setting is disabled. It is software that is mainly created for communicating purposes.

Here we have different types of people who use the soundboard to communicate with other people, like gamers or people who use it to communicate on different dating platforms for other objectives. Most of them use it for simple purposes.

Special Features

  • Setting up the hotkeys that you would like
  • Buttons that you want to use.
  • Will be able to play mp3 or other music file formats like .wav .flac .ogg 
  • Play on different types of devices at the same time.
  • Control device volumes in a separate way.
  • Fully functional, although it is fugly.
  • Works with most audio applications like Discord, Teamspeak, Curse, Skype, and different audio applications.
  • It is continuously updated with suggestions from users.


Another well-known soundboard software also works well as an editor and a sound recorder. It also comes packed with a lot of features of Resanance, along with a few high-grade options that stand out. Unlike Resanance, the Soundpad is not free of cost, but you can test the features on a free trial basis.

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Setup hotkeys for each sound and other sound files and play these sound files fast when playing games.

Normalizing the Volume:

Some of the sound files are relatively quiet, while others make too much noise? There is also a volume integration for normalizing sounds that will make a volume equalization, and it can match up to your voice volume.

Recording Equipment and Editor:

Soundpad has a built-in sound recorder that lets you record things that you want to hear. The editor is integrated with it and will let you cut down sounds fast.

Quick and Lightweight:

The whole thing is in C++. The soundboard is slim and uses up little memory, less computer power, and damn fast.

Easy to Setup

Soundpad will get installation for your current recording equipment. Mostly, it is for your mic. However, you can still do configuration on it, and it is also available for any other different device or other various types of equipment at the same time.

One problem that is when people use the soundboard, the user experience that has been overlooked is audio levels that are not consistently using the sound files. It can be the reason for distress, as some of the files will be quieter, while others might be blaring loud. The normalization specification in the Soundpad will automatically reach the levels, making sure the audio files will be played at the same volume.

Soundboard EXP

A soundboard supports all different types of audio formats. Sounds will be triggered by assigned hotkeys and played out through two outputs. The two outputs will be your speakers and a virtual audio cable.

It also lets the mic to go through the virtual audio cable when enabling the Mic Injector.

The soundboard also integrates a save feature in it.

Special Specs:

  • An app that is easy to use on the soundboard. It lets soundboards to be saved.
  • The keyboard hotkeys have to trigger some sounds.
  • Play sounds via a virtual audio cable, and you will still manage to hear them via your speakers.
  • It has a Mic Injector that comes with it to send any mic sound to the virtual audio cable.
  • Includes a tool for conversion to convert any audio format to a more compatible format.
  • Setting up the soundboard.

Download the EXP Soundboard and the VB-Cable Driver from the links that we put above. The soundboard is a separate file that you can run alone and operate, while the cable drive has an installation software that’ll add a new virtual sound device to your recording equipment.

Next, go to your Soundboard platform and run the EXP soundboard. The pop up here should be this. Now, put in “Primary Sound Driver’’ into the 1st input and the “CABLE Input (VB-Virtual Audio Cable)” for the 2nd input. Next, make sure you check the two checkboxes “Use” and “Use Mic Injector.”

After that, you need to open Steam and go into the Voice tab from the Settings menu. Switch your device and set it to the VB-Audio Cable and also select “Automatically transmit my voice whenever I speak.”

Discord Soundboard Bots

Soundboard bots for discord


It is an online sound sharing platform where you can integrate the channel via a bot. It lets you pick from the extensive collection of over a million sound bites. It is also a meme that you can already obtain on the servers – you have to search for the meme. You can upload the audio clips to the Blerp servers via the site.


It is one of the best well-known Discord bots that are around. You might have guessed what it is for by its name. It is an all-in-one meme bot that you can use to share all sorts of pictures, clips, and soundbites on Discord.

It also gives support on certain soundboards that you can handle on the RickBot dashboard. The developers also release an update that lets RickBot play specific music playlists from Spotify, and you can pull together the server’s soundtrack.

Soundboard Bot

Compared to all the other bots on the whole list, the Soundboard bot is the only bot that works purely as a soundboard. Unlike the others listed above, like Blerp or Rickbot, chat commands don’t control it. You can access it both through a web app or an Android app.