Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips For Beginners

Last Updated on March 31, 2021

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a life simulation video game where the player controls the life of a character in the game. Nintendo developed the game, and it was published specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

It was released on 20th March 2020 and has already become a popular game, with a Google rating of 4.4 out of 5. It sold five million digital copies in the first month of its release and broke the console game record for the highest digital units sold in a month.

It grew the best-selling game in the Animal Crossing series in six weeks, with over 13.41 million units sold.

New Horizons has received praise from numerous critics, especially for its gameplay and customization options. In the game, the player controls a customizable character who moves to a deserted island after purchasing it from Tom Nook – a popular character who appears in every Animal Crossing game.

The game takes place in real-time, allowing the player to explore the island’s nooks and crannies. While in the process, the player will have to gather and craft various items, catch insects and fishes, and gradually develop the island into a land of a variety of animals.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips to level up your island

If you are trying to level up your game and turn yourself into a pro, here are a few Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips that might help:

Choose the correct starting map for yourself:

When you start playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the first time, make sure you select the map of an island you like the look of, among the options available to you. We recommend an island with a large open area next to the sea.

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Speed up your crafting process:

While making DIY recipes, you can craft much faster without waiting through the animations, by pressing on the A button repeatedly for a few times. This speeds up the whole crafting process of the character. Also, the animals start talking faster if you continuously press the B button.

Collect the message bottles:

The message bottles contain random DIY recipes, and you can find at least one bottle along the beach every day.

Shoot down all the balloons:

Shoot Down Balloons Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tips

The balloons sometimes contain more DIY recipes. By listening to the wind, take down the balloons with your slingshot.

Try turning your isolated island into a bustling community:

Try helping Tom Nook with every possible thing. Only then will your Resident Services be upgraded from a low-grade tent. By paying for it, you will also gradually be permitted to move everything you own.

Keep your Inventory fully equipped:

You should optimize your inventory by choosing the best-suited items for you. You can even use the Nook Miles and the NookStop to unlock the maximum capacity of 40 item slots in your inventory.

Plan your moves carefully:

If you are planning to scare off bugs and fishes on the go, repeatedly press the B button to make yourself run. To catch tarantulas and scorpions most effectively, let go of the A button while you are sneaking. This swings down the net swiftly and immediately.

Look out for hidden furniture:

When you are out for mystery island tours, make sure to shake every tree on your way. Sometimes, these trees hide valuable furniture in them.

Interact with the Villagers:

Keep the other villagers content with you. The more friendly you become with the villagers, the more will be their chance of staying back on the same island as yours.

Interact With Villagers

You can even give them gifts (available only after six days) and expect a few returns. Also, help the villagers a great deal if you are looking for rewards in kind.

Spot the shooting stars and make a wish:

You can witness random meteor showers and randomly spot shooting stars in this game.

Spot The Shooting Star

No matter how many you see or find, whenever you see or hear a shooting star above your head, look up at it, and press and hold the A button to make a wish. The next morning you probably will find Star Fragments along the beaches, which you can use to craft more DIY recipes.

Replenish your supplies in the Mystery Island:

If you are running very low on your supplies, you can use the Nook Miles ticket to travel to the Mystery Island and replenish them. The trees and rocks abound with resources.

Help Timmy and Tommy:

If you can help Timmy and Tommy build the Nook’s Cranny, they will let you buy one ‘hot item’ per day at double it’s an average value. This is a good way to make more money!

The fruits can give you superpowers:

The fruits you eat contain special beneficial powers. Once the powers kick in, you can use a shovel not just to break rocks, but also to swiftly dig up a tree. You can even keep it inside your pocket for easy planting.

Keep striking the rocks:

The more you keep hitting the rocks, the more benefits, and resources you get out of it. To not get knocked up too far while mining a rock, stand at any corner of the rock and dig two holes on your sides.

This will not let you move away from the rock with each blow. Keep pressing the A button and, in a fast manner, strike the rock up to eight times. You cannot get resources from the rock with more strikes.

Catch your fishes and insects without much delay:

Catch fishes without delay

Some of the dishes and bugs are very evasive & last for only a few weeks. There are also a few that last only a couple of days or hours. Thus, get hold of everything you can get your hand on. Also, be very creative and diligent while you continue your search.

Check-in at the Resident Services each new day:

Checking in at the Resident Services every day, gives you more miles. One can even go up to the 300 miles, just by checking in daily for a whole week.

Nooks Mileage Card:

Pay special attention to your Nooks Mileage card as the new challenges that appear help you to unlock more tools and facilities.

Spend your bells without any apprehensions:

Sometimes, you will have to spend your bells for a much-needed upgrade. Also, since there is no deadline for paying off your home, you can try to use your Bell stash to clear off your loans.

Interact with Visitors:

Speak with the new visitors of the island regularly, without fail. And try to understand their needs. Many of them need your help to complete various tasks, and on completion, you stand a chance to receive valuable rewards.

Customize and play with your clothes:

The dressing interface of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons is eye-catching and versatile. There are plenty of customizable patterns that can keep changing your outlook.

In these trying times of a global pandemic, you are most likely stuck at home practicing social distancing. What could be more interesting than trying out a recently launched video game?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons lets you build an utopian island and fully upgrade your newly bought house. With each upgradation, you will have to pay off your debt, and how you do that is entirely your choice.

You can catch fishes, sell bugs, or go around befriending animals on the island – you even have the option of wandering. While you are at it, these Animal Crossing: New Horizons tips will help you amp up your island gaming techniques!